The Art of Dwelling, Inc.
As a full service custom design firm and custom builder, it is our mission to provide our
clients with custom dwelling spaces that are highly functional and follow the artist creed of un-compromised form found in our work.

The Art of Dwelling is guided by the philosophy that art is not only objects that
inspire us, but it is also the spaces we live in. Our passion is connecting people
with functional, artistic spaces they can call home.

Designing inspired and beautiful spaces that solve for both form and function takes a unique skill set. The Art of Dwelling is comprised of a team of artists, creative engineers, architects, designers, and craftsmen that are passionate about bringing your dream home to fruition.
Our relationship with you will be built on a foundation of trust developing from empathetic listening, a discerning attention to detail, hyper focused organization and time management, and an unwavering commitment to truth.
​ We are continually striving towards new innovation and looking for ways to push the boundaries of how we think about the spaces in which we live .
Consideration of beautiful and meaningful design from both historical and current trends is important and influential to our approach. This considerations the driving force behind our uniquely designed spaces
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